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Future of Work Career Profile: Anmol Abraham

To help prepare students for the future of work, Anmol Abraham, Assistant Director of Health Information Systems at People's Community Clinic, shared her experience working in an everchanging industry with the Automation Policy Research Organizing Network (APRON) Lab team at the University of Texas at Austin.

One of APRON Lab’s goals is to help students at community colleges and universities understand and prepare for the opportunities and challenges of automation and for careers likely to be affected or created by automation. Overseeing electronic health record systems puts Abraham at the intersection of important technologies that the clinic relies on daily to serve their patients.

“I was always passionate about healthcare,” Abraham said. “I just never knew that technology could be so influential in my healthcare career.”

She has only seen her team grow as they take on new projects to change how they work because people are still very much needed to manage and improve the systems. In fact, increased reliance on digital tools can often create new challenges only humans can solve. One of the most important parts of her job is preparing her organization to handle any issues or downtime they experience, especially the ones that can impact their ability to care for patients.

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Abraham credits her willingness to learn new things and ability to work with others for much of her success. As work becomes increasingly interconnected, she says it’s important to understand what other teams do and how any changes may affect various stakeholders. No matter what field you pursue, Abraham’s universal advice is about maximizing what makes all of us uniquely human and remembering the value we can each bring to the table.

“You're your own cheerleader,” Abraham said. “You know your strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else.”

Watch for more tips Abraham has for students:

This career profile is just one part of a learning module developed by APRON Lab to give educators resources to help familiarize students with advances in technology and changes in organizing that may affect the future of work. Through the support of a grant from the National Science Foundation (SES-1750731), APRON Lab developed a free learning module to help students navigate the future of work and harness the agency they have in shaping it. The module includes recommended readings, slides, assignment ideas, case studies, and exam questions designed for online, face-to-face, or hybrid teaching modalities.

To download the curriculum and read additional career profiles, visit:


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