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Future of Work Career Profile: Dr. Senem Guney

Dr. Senem Guney explains how narrative data inspired her to chart a new career path. To give students insight on the growing role technology may play in their own professional journeys, she spoke with the Automation Policy Research Organizing Network (APRON) Lab team at the University of Texas at Austin about her journey as the founder of NarrativeDx, an AI platform that identifies trends and actionable insights from what patients and healthcare employees say about their experiences, and former Vice President of Language Analytics at Press Ganey.

One of APRON Lab’s goals is to help students at community colleges and universities understand and prepare for the opportunities and challenges of automation and for careers likely to be affected or created by automation. Drawing on her expertise in language and communication, Dr. Guney is proud that she could successfully automate her own job. She recommends people from all different disciplines to consider how AI might augment their work.

Dr. Guney discovered the role she could play in shaping AI technology when she learned that patient experience surveys, though mandatory under new regulations in many healthcare settings, weren’t being fully utilized to draw actionable insights. She first set out to help the healthcare industry to take advantage of this data by starting a consultancy but soon realized creating a product-based company would be a lot more scalable in the long term. Thus, NarrativeDx was born.

She explains automation doesn’t mean completely removing the human from the process though. “Automate the work that’s beyond human capability, so humans can do what they do better,” Dr. Guney said.

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Because healthcare is a challenging industry to break into, she found it vital to master thought leadership, or the ability to explain your idea and make the world understand why it’s important. Her advice is to start with throwing yourself out there to understand how people respond to your ideas.

“Exposing yourself to as many networks as possible is really important to get there,” Dr. Guney said.

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This career profile is just one part of a learning module developed by APRON Lab to give educators resources to help familiarize students with advances in technology and changes in organizing that may affect the future of work. Through the support of a grant from the National Science Foundation SES-1750731), APRON Lab developed a free learning module to help students navigate the future of work and harness the agency they have in shaping it. The module includes recommended readings, slides, assignment ideas, case studies, and exam questions designed for online, face-to-face, or hybrid teaching modalities.

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