APRON Collaborators

APRON includes Lab team members, faculty collaborators, and the APRON Advisory Board. 

The Team

Joshua B. Barbour (Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) is an assistant professor of Communication Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. He is a faculty affiliate of the Center for Health Communication, a collaboration between the Moody College of Communication and Dell Medical School, and he is a faculty affiliate of the Health Informatics and Health Information Technology Program at McCombs School of Business. His research investigates how macromorphic, societal structures create and complicate organizational problems and how those problems can be addressed in and through communication. His research is concerned with how organizations manage information and make meaning and how research can empower the (re)design of communication to help them do so with more sophistication. 

Lab Director

Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin


Anastazja Harris is a doctoral student in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Her current research interests focus on understanding the organizational selection and hiring process from the perspective on the hiring organization and applicants. Additionally, she is interested in exploring the evolving communication technologies that facilitate interview processes. Outside of research, she is passionate about advising and training people to be more skillful and considerate in their communication practices at work. She enjoys cooking, exploring the local food scene, and traveling.

Doctoral Student, University of Texas at Austin


Jared is a masters student in Organizational Communication and Technology at The University of Texas at Austin. His primary research interests involve the communicative dynamics between leadership, autonomy, creativity, and work. These topics have led to a variety of ambitious projects including a study of independent bands in the Austin music scene and another concerning issues of temporal power in an academic medical organization. Jared received his BA from Portland State University. He currently lives in Austin but still calls the Pacific Northwest home.

Masters Student, University of Texas at Austin


Courtney is a doctoral student at the University of Texas at Austin, studying Organizational Communication and Technology. Prior to starting at UT, she completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her research focuses on a variety of topics within organizational communication, including cybervetting and hiring, family business, training and development, social media, conflict management, and change management. Courtney also has a background in human resources, particularly in system implementation of human resources systems, which has fueled her passion for learning about how humans interact with and communicate using technology at work. Outside of school, Courtney is very involved in her family’s business, performing human resources, marketing, and accounting responsibilities, and enjoys spending her free time with her beloved dog, Noel.

Doctoral Student, University of Texas at Austin


Shelbey is a masters student at the University of Texas at Austin, studying Organizational Communication and Technology. Her research explores how organizational members employ communication in order to navigate interdisciplinary collaboration, negotiate their professional identity, and represent knowledge in their day-to-day work practice. Her current project focuses on the complexities of coordinating knowledge-intensive, interdisciplinary work in a newly-founded academic medical center. Shelbey aims to conduct research which is both theoretically developmental to the field, as well as pragmatically valuable to the organizations she studies. In her free time, she enjoys making a mess of her kitchen and exploring Austin with her sweet dog. 

Masters Student, University of Texas at Austin


Billy Table is a third year Ph.D. student at The University of Texas at Austin, studying Interpersonal Communication. Billy's research interests involve difficult conversations - specifically, the development and testing of persuasive and supportive messages; navigating stigmatized topics, and communication skills outcomes in healthcare education. Their recent works focus on the communicative processes involved in coping with stressors, negotiating competing goals, and fostering resilience. Billy joins the APRON lab in collaboration with Dr. Josh Barbour and Dr. Virginia A. Brown investigating the competing goals that emerge as a result of implementing patients' psychiatric advanced directives in clinical organizations. In their free time, Billy enjoys singing karaoke, scrolling Instagram, and weight lifting.

Doctoral Student, University of Texas at Austin


Kendall Tich is a current Ph.D. student at the University of Texas at Austin, studying Organizational Communication and Technology. She is interested in risk and crisis communication in the healthcare space. As an M.A. graduate from the University of Minnesota, Kendall has extensive research experience in mass and crisis communication. Prior to beginning her Ph.D., Kendall worked at a global, integrated communications agency in San Francisco. Supporting various public relations and marketing work streams, she partnered with healthcare and technology clients to strategically advise communication strategies and improve operational design. Kendall grew up across the U.S., culminating in an ExPat experience in Hong Kong before moving to San Diego for her B.A.In her free time, Kendall enjoys traveling, skiing, and exploring Austin. Kendall joined the APRON lab to combine her passion for the healthcare industry with her desire to provide practical recommendations for communications at the organizational level.

Doctoral Student, University of Texas at Austin


Faculty Collaborators

Dr. Jeffrey W. Treem (Ph.D., Northwestern University) studies the relationship between technology use and social perceptions of expertise, primarily in organizational contexts. This research explores how communication technologies facilitate recurrent, interactive practices that affect attributions of knowledge individuals make regarding coworkers. Currently, Dr. Treem is pursuing two lines of research: the study of communication and expertise in knowledge-intensive and service-oriented work contexts, and investigation of issues surrounding the introduction of social media technologies into organizations. This work employs a variety of qualitative and quantitative analytical approaches including ethnographic methods and social network analysis.  

Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin


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