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Career Profiles

A goal of the APRON Lab is to help students at community colleges and universities understand and prepare for the opportunities and challenges of automation and for careers likely to be affected or created by automation. Starting in 2020, teams of students at the University of Texas at Austin created career profiles, which we are sharing here with their permission. Completed as a part of Communicating with Patients (CMS 330P), the profiles focus on work in healthcare.

About the Class

Communicating with Patients (CMS 330P) is a foundational class in the UT Austin Patients, Practitioners & Cultures of Care, Bridging Disciplines Program. The class is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. SES-1750731. The Patients, Practitioners, and Cultures of Care program was developed with funding from a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (AK-255269-17). The program and the class aim to help the diverse communities of future health professionals at the University of Texas at Austin with leadership from across campus including Anthropology, Architecture, Communication, Nursing, Medicine, English, and and Social Work.

Adolescent Medicine

In 2020, Angella Baby, Kelsey Joe, Delaney Lee, Efrata Mola, and Allison Olmedo created this profile focused on work in pediatrics focused on adolescents.

Music Therapy

In 2020, Danny Lopez, MaKayla Mireles, Tina Thi Nguyen, and Amanda Whatley created this profile focused on music therapists. It's a tour of the website they created to share this information.

Healthcare Law and Policy

In 2020, Anna Votaw, Hira Asim, Alexis Norman, Salma Gonzalez (twitter: @salma_glz21), and Andrea Telles created this profile focused on work in Healthcare Law and Policy. 

Primary Care Practice

In 2022, Alyssa Daniell, Akhila Ravikumar, Alison Purcell, Sampreeti Bingi, Sahithi Kasa, and Sarah Tucker produced a series of tiktoks to profile practice in primary care.

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 1.24.33 PM.png

Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

In 2022, Alyssa Estrada, Alyssa Wofford, Justin Luckey, Critica Srivastava, and Remi Greenwood created this profile focused on pediatric nurse practitioners. 

Speech-Language Pathologists

In 2022, Brooke Sandoval, Hattie Jacoby, Mica Alvarado, Mikayla Morgan, and Tyler Scott created this profile of speech-language pathologists.

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